We’re Nick and Tessa. We lived in the same city in the south of the Netherlands for eighteen years without ever meeting each other. After moving away to study, we somehow met at a music festival in Belgium in 2008. Soon we started backpacking across Europe and got infected with the travel fever. The past years we’ve used up all our vacation days and overtime taking three- to four-week trips to countries in South East Asia, Africa, the Caucasus and South America. Every time we felt we started to get used to being on the road, we already had to leave. That’s how we decided to travel further and longer than the usual couple of weeks.

Fast forward to 2018: we bought a Landy, quit our jobs and are now travelling through Central Asia & beyond for a year (or more).




One thing we love to do is rent our own transportation and drive around ourselves. After these road adventures a new travel dream emerged: an overland trip. What we’ve learned from these trips – and getting stuck in sand, mud or on slippery hills was: we need a proper car. Meet the Landy here.

Travelling overland meant having our own wheels and for us this also meant buying our first car ever! We fell head over heels in love with a ’98 Land Rover Defender 110. In the summer of 2017 we took the Landy for an 8.000 km test trip around the Balkan. Now we’re preparing the Landy – and us – for the ultimate drive towards the east and further. Due date: May 2018.

Some of our previous road trips 


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