Before we even bought Landy, we knew we had to be prepared for the inevitably break down. Why? Well.. it’s a Land Rover, and they break down. A lot! Since we had no experience with car mechanics whatsoever, we decided to do a lot of upgrades ourselves, so we could slowly learn how everything works and is connected. In case Landy would break down, we then at least had a clue what to do in order to fix her.

So what did break down and why, during our trip?

May 2018

  • the panhard rod got loose, probably because of the bad roads. We noticed it, because the steering wheel and front wheels started to shake. We pulled over and fixed the retightend everything. Quick fix!

June 2017

  • Shock absorber – On a terrible road towards Zyuatkul we broke our rear driver-side shock absorber. Great fun, since we put new ones on, just before our departure. We had to drive over 1.000 kilometers before we found a new one. We askes at a local Land Rover garage, but in the entire city of Chelabynsk – over 1 million inhabitants – there was no shock absorber for Landy. Lucky for us they sourced one in Yekaterinburg, made by Kyb. As a precausion we also changed the passenger-side shock absorber.
  • U-joints – For days we heard a strange knock under the car and we couldn’t find the problem. Eventually we noticed the u-joints of the rear propshaft looked terrible. We brought a few as spare parts, and let a local garage fix it in under an hour.

August 2018

  • Even before our departure the coolant fluid was always a little lower then it should be. In June we discovered a small crack in the coolant reservoir, but since we only lots 1/3 of a litre in over 10.000 kilometers, we just kept driving. We tried to find a new tank in Krasnojarsk, Irkutsk, Moscow and Ulaan Bataar and eventually found one in Kazakhstan.